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Carpet Traffic Cleaner 4106

CarpetGeneral® Carpet Traffic Cleaner 4106 is a heavy duty prespotter for high traffic areas and heavily soiled carpet.


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Product Description

Carpet Traffic Cleaner 4106

CarpetGeneral® Carpet Traffic Lane Cleaner 4106 is a heavy duty preconditioner and degreaser formulated for use as a pre- spray or spotter prior to extraction cleaning. The use of this product will substantially increase the effectiveness of any cleaning job by breaking up stubborn traffic lane soil or other heavily soiled areas prior to extraction. This saves on cleaning or rinsing solution creating less waste water, and reduces labor by decreasing the number of passes needed to thoroughly clean.


  • Appearance:Clear, pink liquid
  • Odor:Citrus
  • pH: 13
  • Flash Point:None
  • Wt/Gal:8.9 lbs/gal
  • VOC:0.4 lbs/gal


  • Water based
  • Widespread utility
  • Low VOC

Always pretest an area to be cleaned to insure compatibility with the cleaner. CarpetGeneral® Carpet Traffic Lane Cleaner 4106 can be used as received or diluted with water, depending upon the nature and severity of the soils to be removed. When diluting with water always add the product to water to avoid splashing of the alkaline solution.

PRE-SPRAY: Dilute 1:8 (16 oz. per gallon) with water. Apply product using pressure or pump-up applicator. Pay particular attention to traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas. Allow product to dwell for 5 to 15 minutes. For maximum results, rake carpet to loosen matted carpet fibers in traffic areas to increase soil removal. Scrub clean with industry approved methods. Please refer to the MSDS for proper safety instructions.

ROTARY SPIN BONNET: Dilute 1:16 (8 ounces per gallon) with water. Mix solution in a pump-up or pressure sprayer applicator. Generously pre-spray carpet and allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time. Do not allow to dry. Lightly spray the bonnet pad before bonneting. As the pad becomes soiled, turn over or replace.

IMMERSION METHODS: Immerse bonnet pad in diluted solution, then wring out tightly. Position bonnet on rotary floor machine. When both sides of the pad are soiled, rinse in clear water, wring out tightly, and re-soak in cleaning solution before proceeding.