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Introduction: Carpet Bonnet Cleaning

CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 is an excellent and effective product for interim carpet maintenance. Proprietary polymers have been incorporated into the formulation that aid in emulsifying, encapsulating, and suspending oils and soils for easy removal. In addition, these polymers prevent rapid re-soiling and enhance the efficiency of routine vacuuming, allowing for continued removal of any residual soils after the cleaning process. This reduces the frequency of wet cleaning needed to maintain or preserve the appearance of the carpet face fiber.

CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 also contains proprietary stain resistant and anti-soiling agents that provide superior protection from typical acid dyes commonly found in foodstuffs and many other materials. In addition, CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 eliminates both organic and pet odors in carpeting and upholstery.

CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 is not a cover up fragrance, but actually chemically bonds with the odor molecule, changing its structure and eliminating the odor. When applied properly to the odor source, it will permanently neutralize dog and cat urine odors and most other animal and organic type odors.



There are two methods of application of the Carpet Bonnet cleaning solution.

1. A round absorbent bonnet is prepared before actual cleaning by either immersing it with water or wringing it out so it isn’t dripping wet and heavily soiled areas are directly sprayed with the bonnet cleaning solution at no more than 200 square feet per gallon.

2. The bonnet is immersed into the bonnet cleaning solution and squeezed out so it isn’t dripping wet. The rotating absorbent bonnet (usually cotton or rayon) is then attached to a low speed (175 RPM) rotary floor machine with a heavy-duty motor because of the high friction involved. A special drive block is required to keep the bonnet or pad from slipping off. Dirt is theoretically collected into the pad.

The bonnet is supposed to be changed or turned when the pad surface stops absorbing soil – this is usually up to 600 square feet per bonnet side. The bonnet is then washed out and reused as needed. Sometimes, carbonated water is used to (in theory) give better soil suspension and bring down the pH.

Application for Carpet and Upholstery


Pre-vacuum carpet. Dilute 1 part to 10 parts of water. Simply evenly spray carpet with CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 solution or apply with a rotary shampoo machine. Then brush carpet using floor machine with red or white buffing pad or nylon carpet brush. Soil will be absorbed by CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 solution then become a brittle crystal, which is removed during normal vacuuming. This is a very fast and efficient interim cleaning method. Carpets stay clean much longer.


Pre-vacuum carpet. Dilute 1 part to 10 parts of water. Work in sections of approximately 100 square feet. Using a pump sprayer, evenly apply solution to the area. With a rotary dry cotton bonnet, buff the area to extract the soil and solution into the bonnet. Any residual that remains will dry to a non-sticky crystal, which will be removed during normal vacuuming. NOTE: Do not run a DRY bonnet on olefin (polypropylene) carpet or rug – olefin has a very low softening point!


Submerge cotton bonnet in CarpetGeneral® Bonnet Cleaner 5857 solution. Wring well and buff carpet surface in overlapping pattern. Rinse and wring bonnet frequently. Any residue that remains will dry to a non-sticky crystal which can be removed during normal vacuuming.

NOTE: Do not run a DRY bonnet on olefin (polypropylene) carpet or rug – olefin has a very low softening point! You will be delighted with the results and the soil that is not picked up by the bonnet will be crystallized and encapsulated, ready for removal by subsequent vacuuming. You will find that carpets look better and stay clean longer than with other bonnet cleaners!

Benefits to You

  • Fast drying
  • Low foam
  • Minimizes carpet down time
  • Extends the time between restorative extraction cleaning
  • Effectively removes spots that wick to the carpet surface after extraction cleaning.
  • No tacky residue, carpet stays very soft
  • Free of hazardous air pollutants that can affect indoor air quality.
  • Phosphate free, utilizing proprietary new detergency builders that will not harm the environment
  • Contains no optical brighteners